10 indicators and analysis that shows that a person is Healthy


Experts always list the symptoms of the disease. But this time they said 10 main indicators of the body in a healthy person. If you want to know if you are healthy, these indicators should be in order for you:



No, if the indicators are not like this, then you should deal with your health:

Below are the indicators:

There are 12 basic systems of the human body: for example, digestion, respiration, blood, endocrine, etc. Each of them is important. Each has a norm indicator.

1. Blood pressure

It is the first important indicator of health. The norm should be 120-80. Changes in blood pressure are the first sign of vascular and nervous system disorders. Up to 130/90 can be considered normal in modern times.

2. Number of breathing movements

A healthy person should breathe 12-18 times a minute. One breath is a single breath. More or less, it indicates problems with the respiratory system. This is oxygen starvation.

3. Pulse, heart rate

The norm is 75-80 per minute. This is the optimal speed. This indicator shows the rate of circulation of oxygen in the blood. The problem is that the heart rate is less than normal and more than normal.



4. Hemoglobin in the blood

It should be 120-140 mmol in women and 140-160 mmol in men. These figures show the amount of oxygen in the body. When hemoglobin falls in the blood, breathing speeds up. Shortness of breath occurs. This damages the cardiovascular system. Low levels of this indicator are anemia. That is, this organism is severely starved of oxygen

5. Bilirubin

Indicates blood toxicity. Every day, thousands of erythrocytes die in the body. These are manifested in bilirubin levels. Normally, one liter of blood should contain 21 micromol. 

If this norm is violated, it means that the digestive system, liver and intestines do not work normally. The body's self-cleansing process is disrupted. If the indicator exceeds 26, it means that the body is poisoned.



6. Urine

Both composition and quantity are important here. Normally, a healthy person should excrete about 1.5 liters of urine per day. In a healthy person, its color is light yellow straw. Acidic environment 5.5. 

There should be no other foreign elements in the urine. If protein, leukocytes, fungi, bacteria are found in it, it means that the urinary system, kidneys, and the body in general are not functioning normally.

7. Weight

Obesity in the abdomen and lower back is a serious danger. You should not exceed the maximum allowable limit. Obesity is especially dangerous for men. For example, the weight limit for 170 cm of paint is between 60-75 kg.

Human organs and systems have been created and calculated to work according to the weight allowed by nature. Loads more or less weight systems.

During abdominal obesity, the female hormone estrogen increases in men, which reduces male potency.

The circumference of a man's waist should be 87-93 cm.



8. Blood sugar

The norm is 3.5 to 5.5 mm. This indicator shows the body's operational energy reserves. The pancreas and endocrine system are responsible for this norm. Diabetes, one of the most terrible chronic diseases for humans, is caused by a violation of this system. Everyone should have their blood sugar checked twice a year.

9. PH of the blood – acid-base environment

Most people do not know this. But this is the first sign that distinguishes a living person from a dying person. Cardiologists call this an indicator of life.

Normally it should be 7.43. Death occurs as soon as 7.11. 7.41 Occurs in acute heart failure.

Blood pH is a health formula. Unfortunately, even if we check everything, we do not check it.

10. Leukocytes

Leukocyte counts in the blood can be an indicator of health and inflammatory processes, even cancer. Leukocytes are an immune defense. They are the first to respond to viruses and bacteria.

A sharp rise and fall in blood levels is a serious signal: it means that there are any pathological processes inside. 

– Research Credit (Medical News today)

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