2 Dangerous Substances That You Might Inhale When Cooking In The Kitchen


Everyone goes into the kitchen to cook, or do some certain things that requires fire. While cooking, you would notice that smoke may come out of the cooking device. Inhaling smoke while cooking is dangerous, and it can be dangerous for your respiratory system. Inhaling harmful smoke can cause inflammation in your lungs, and airways. This can cause them to swell and lack oxygen. If it continues, it can lead to respiratory issues. Fumes that are given out from the stovetop, contain substances that are dangerous.


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This article will look at 2 dangerous substances, that you might inhale while cooking in the kitchen. They include the following:

1. Nitrogen dioxide

People who use gas stovetop might be exposed to nitrogen dioxide. This substance can be harmful to your respiratory system. This substance can be formed, when fossil fuels are burned at high temperature. It is important to make sure that your cooking environment is well ventilated, to avoid inhaling the substance.


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2. Carbon monoxide

Carbon monoxide is a type of colourless and odorless gas, that is given out while cooking. If this gas is released in large quantity, it may cause a person to become unconscious. Inhaling this smoke while cooking can be dangerous because, it may result to death.


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It is important to keep your kitchen well ventilated, to avoid inhaling dangerous substances through smoke. You can also buy range hood and place it over the stove to filter and ventilate the air, whenever you are cooking. If you inhale any of these substances mistakenly, and you experience difficulty in breathing, then you should visit a hospital.

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