2 Non-Medicine Treatments For SCD


For persons with sickle cell disease, pain is a common problem. It occurs when red blood cells, which have a sickle shape, block blood flow into the small vessels.

This can lead to a sudden beginning of pain or crisis, usually in the lows, arms, legs, chest, and abdominal area.

AAAPT Diagnostic Criteria for Acute Sickle Cell Disease Pain - The Journal  of Pain

1. Chiropractic Treatments.

Therapies to chiropractics can alleviate back pain or other chronic pain. A practicing chiropractor employs special practices to adjust your body.

They adjust your muscle's skeletal system small and minor most of the time. It is the stability of your body and includes your muscles, bones, tendons, and other parts of the body.

Sickle Cell Disease - Pathophysiology of disease and ... | GrepMed

2. Physical treatment.

A specially trained therapist teaches you to work on the painful surrounding during this therapy. The aim is to help our bodies do what they have done. For example, special stretches of the painful shoulder or lifting should be used to restore strength in a wounded leg.

Physical treatment may be painful. Painful. But this short-term pain usually leads to less pain along the way. Don't give up. Don't give up. Don't give up.

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