2 Reasons Why Your Man Avoids Touching Or Getting Intimate With You Despite The Signals You Give Him


Some ladies may be lost as to the reason their men suddenly stop touching them or getting intimate with them despite all the green lights they have given to them.

Well, as a lady, you do not necessarily need to bother yourself so much to get the attention of your man to touch you or get intimate with you. But, if there are things that put him off, your signals to him may be ignored. This article will discuss two reasons why your man may avoid touching your or getting intimate with you.


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First, he will avoid touching you or getting close to you if he perceives bad smell from you. Men are attracted by good smell. So, if he perceives bad smell from his woman, that will put him off from getting close to her or touching her. Nobody likes bad odour. That is why as a lady, you need to take your neatness to a high level. Look neat and apply sweet smelling fragrance that will get your man captivated and make him to be all over you. The ladies who understand this always have a good bath, look good and apply sweet fragrance to look fresh and smell nice almost all the time especially when their men are around.

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Second, they do not dress well and look enticing to attract their men. Men are moved by what they see. He saw you looking beautiful, well dressed and enticing. Your hair was well designed, your face was taken care of, your nails looked good and you wore attractive dresses. With all these looking attractive, he came for you. All of a sudden, you changed your good looks. Now, you dress like a poor village woman with many children. You do not dress in that attractive way that keeps getting the attention of men. Your man sees a different woman in you.

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Now, you look dirty, unkempt and unattractive when compared with the fine girls he sees out there. You now look like the shadow of the fine girl he met before when he met you. What changed? You have simply ignored your looks forgetting that you have also made your man to lose that interest he had in you. Your sweet smell and good looks are the charms that keep your man coming for you. If you lose them, them your man will most likely avoid touching or getting intimate with you.

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