2 Reasons You Are Not Advised To Always Take Soft Drinks


The feeling of having a tasty drink gulp down our throats especially when it is quite cold can be quite refreshing. However, like the popular quotes that says everything good also has a disadvantage, soft drinks are no exception to this. This article shall enlighten you on 2 reasons taking soft drinks regularly may be bad for your health.


Source: BusinessDay

1. Soft drinks lead to high blood sugar:

High blood sugar is a medical condition that occurs when the content of the blood is exceedingly high.consuming a large quantity of soft drink can elevates your blood glucose levels and increases your risk in cardiovascular diseases, intake of soft drink contain high fructose corn syrup as there primary sugar ingredients, that can stress the pancreas and lead to fluctuating blood sugar level

2. Soft drinks has effect in our teeth: Two effect of soft drinks to our teeth, is teeth erosion and cavities. Erosion : It begins when acids in the soft drink encounter the tooth enamel, which is outermost protective layer of the teeth. There is to reduce the surface hardness of the enamel.This acids can dissolve the crystals that makes up the teeth , leading to tooth surface loss,acid intrinsic (gastrointestinal) and extrinsic ( dietary and environmental) origin are the main etiologic factor

Cavities: The sugar in soft drinks interact with the bacteria in the mouth to form acid ,which attacks the teeth, add to the acid normally contained both regular and sugar drinks and there by starting to damage the teeth.soft drinks can affect the next layer,dentin and even composite fillings.this damages to your tooth enamel can invite cavities, cavities develop over time to people who take soft drinks regularly .In order to prevent this, drink moderate don't take make than one bottle soft drink a day

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