2 Things To Note From Lady Who Dresses Like A Boy To School To Avoid Corrupt Lecturers


A lady has taken to social media to share the trick she uses to avoid corrupt lecturers. It is no news that they are bad lecturers in the universities who are after young girls. 

They always look for a way to sleep with young girls, which is very bad. This has destroyed the lives of some young girls. What these lecturers do is that once they have their eyes on you, they start tricking you, and if you fail to fall for their tricks, they will start threatening you with failure. 


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They will tell you that they are going to fail you if you refuse to give in to their demands. Of course, this practice has been going on for so long, and it seems impossible to stop, but the fact is that girls can always avoid this if they are wise enough. 

This lady made a video talking about how she avoids corrupt lecturers. She said in the video that she knows that she is curvaceous, and if she decides to keep dressing the normal way, her shape will be obvious, and this will tempt lecturers who can’t control their urge.

So what she does is that she dresses like a tomboy (female dressing like a boy) when going to school. Below are two things to note from this, especially if you are a female student.


Image credit: Gossipmillnaija

1. Know the right outfit to wear at the right time

Sometimes, part of the fault is from the female students. Just because you are not asked to put on uniforms in school doesn’t mean that you have to go to class with the dress that will make you look as if you are going to the club. 

There is a saying that you need to dress the way you want to be addressed. None is saying you should not wear short or revealing clothes, but it should never be when you want to go to school or attend lectures.

2. Study your body type when choosing outfits 

The lady who made the video said something. She said that she knew that her body was curvaceous, so she had to change her mode of dressing when attending lectures. 

There are some outfits that will look decent on someone who is skinny, but will bring out the whole shape when worn by a lady who is chubby. This is why you need to study your body when picking outfits.


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