3 Best Ingredients You Should Start Cooking With Once You Clock 30.



Being 30 comes with a great deal of responsibility, especially when it comes to your health. A person would need to take extra care of their diet and food consumption. Anything you eat at this point could either make or mar you. This is because your immune system starts to weaken and your body starts becoming less able to fight off certain medical conditions such as diabetes, heart failure, cancer, brain tumour, stroke, kidney failure and so on. 


However, research and studied has made us to understand that, we are what we eat. And there are so many healthy ingredients out there that helps to improve the immune system of a person. They are natural ingredients that should be used for cooking more often because they contain a lot of healthy nutrients, minerals and compounds which can help the body be able to fight off diseases even after the age of 30. See them below;

3 Best Ingredients You Should Start Cooking With Once You Clock 30.

1. Onions. 


Onions is actually very nutritious and loved by millions of people all over the world. A lot of people can't cook a single meal without adding onions and that's great. However, there is need for a person to increase their intake of onions once they cross the age of 30. It has great antioxidant properties that can fight off life threatening diseases. 

2. Bell peppers. 


Bell peppers are the most underrated food product on the planet. They are very healthy and nutritious to the body however, most people prefer other types of peppers than bell peppers. They contain potassium, folates and other nutrients which helps to lower blood pressure. Bell peppers are green, red, and yellow in colour.

3. Cray fish. 


Most people might think that its weird that cray fish is on this list, but obviously its not. Cray fish belongs to a family of seafoods and fishes which are packed with lots of amazing nutrients and healthy fats that boosts the immune system of a person. Instead of using seasoning cubes to make your food more tasty and sweet, add some crayfish instead.


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