3 Habits To Avoid If You Don't Want To Suffer Memory Loss Later In Life


Gradual memory loss is a condition many people suffer as they grow older. Memory loss is common amongst people who are 80 years and above. Something people don't know about this memory loss is that it is merely a degeneration of the brain which anybody can suffer.

Nobody would want to suffer a memory loss at their old age because they believe that's the time they should remember things the most, especially about their good moments in life. If you don't want to suffer memory loss later in your life, below are 3 Habits you should avoid.

1 Smoking

According to scientific research, smoking can cause a shrinking of the brain. If you are the type that smokes, it is time you stop it because in the future you will suffer mental health called dementia.

2 Excessive consumption of alcohol

Excessive consumption of alcohol leads to drunkenness and when a person is drunk, it affects their brain and makes them start misbehaving, which includes doing and saying things they would not normally say or do when they are not in their right senses. When a person continues to get drunk, he may develop a permanent degeneration of the brain.e777025e12884332b62cf68f17b2a6e1?quality=uhq&resize=720

Sources: Naijacampusjam

3 Poor dieting

The brain needs more care than every other part of the body. There are foods we eat that help our brain to function properly, and in the same way, there are foods we eat that make our brain not function effectively which will lead to brain degeneration.

To avoid brain loss in the future, you should get to know the required nutrients your brain needs and taking them to avoid degeneration.

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