3 health conditions you can treat by drinking scent leaf juice regularly


beaef98b3a0b42e4b94d47cc62472c39?quality=uhq&resize=720Growing up in the early 90s, there was always a scent leaf plant nearby. The reason was not far-fetched, scent leaf was the go-to medicine for almost every ailment we had as children.

Each time we complained of any minor ailment, our mum would pluck some scent leaf, wash them, squeeze out the juice and give to us to drink. We only went to the hospital when we were really sick with high temperature or fever, every other thing was treated with scent leaf juice.

If we had any minor cut or wound while playing, scent leaf would be plucked, squeezed and the juice applied on the cuts and wounds. Before long, the wound would heal.

This made me and the kids I grew up with know how invaluable scent leaf is, that knowledge has not left us till date. I believe it is the same with so many people.

For ages, scent leaf juice has been used to treat certain ailments and they work all the time. We will discuss few of such ailments in this article.

1. Scent leaf juice helps to lower high blood sugar. If you run a blood sugar test and it comes out high, or you are diabetic and looking for ways to lower your blood sugar, there is no need to panic, just pluck some scent leaf, wash thoroughly, then squeeze out the juice, and drink.

You can do this morning and night for about two or three days, then go back and run the test, there should be significant reduction.

This procedure has worked for so many people.

00d6a8602966476db806f203b48405e2?quality=uhq&resize=7202. Scent leaf juice helps to treat diarrhea. Scent leaf is very effective in the treatment of diarrhea. It does this by destroying the organisms in the body that causes diarrhea.

To treat diarrhea, just pluck some leaves, squeeze out the juice and drink. Before long, the diarrhea will be gone.

When you cook regularly with scent leaf, you will hardly experience diarrhea.

3. Scent leaf juice helps to treat sore throat. It is also very effective in the treatment of sore throat. Just gargle small quantity of the juice in your mouth then swallow it. Do it multiple times in a day and you will be fine.

In conclusion, scent leaf is a very important leaf to have around. You can plant it in a big bucket or cement bag and keep in your verandah if you do not have a garden.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article and learned something from it. Please, share this article so that others can learn from it. Also, share your thoughts and questions in the comment section.

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