3 Home Remedies that would help relieve Excessive Headache and Migraine

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If you get frequent headaches or migraine attacks, you may wonder whether there’s any way to prevent them, or what might help relieve your pain and other symptoms when you get one. Even if your doctor has prescribed medication or other treatments, are there additional measures you could be taking on your own? The answer is yes. While home remedies and lifestyle changes alone may not prevent or relieve all headaches or migraine attacks, they can have an additive effect when used along with doctor-prescribed therapies. The way to end a headache quickly depends on what brought it on in the first place. For many people, causes of headaches or triggers are related to dehydration, high blood pressure, tight muscles in the neck and shoulders due to physical or emotional stress, or a reaction to foods.c2f63624546f44b1958b103c91754a03?quality=uhq&resize=720

Here are several home remedies to relieve headache and migraines.

Try some herbal tea; Herbal tea may be a useful way to add water to the diet while also enjoying the benefits of other natural compounds. For instance, ginger tea may help with a migraine. One 2013 study found that ginger powder had similar effects to a common medication for reducing migraines.b27fbdf832fe456d8cb9314d821c5a40?quality=uhq&resize=720

Caffeine; Drinking a beverage with caffeine, such as coffee, tea, or soda, may sometimes help ease a headache.Some pain medications designed for headaches include caffeine, as the compound may improve their effectiveness.17b07470ade74a658cc0effd1f32ec5f?quality=uhq&resize=720

Apply lavender oil; Inhaling lavender essential oil may ease migraine pain. According to 2012 research, people who inhaled lavender oil during a migraine attack for 15 minutes experienced faster relief than those who inhaled a placebo. Lavender oil may be inhaled directly or applied diluted to the temples.

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