3 Reasons Why It Is Totally Wrong To Date A Married Woman


As a man no matter how a beautiful a married woman is you should always endeavor to turn a blind eye on her, this is because it is totally wrong in all ramifications to date a married woman. Below are 3 reasons why it is totally wrong to date a married woman:


1.) Biblical reasons: Even the bible frowns at it heavily, the bible in several scriptures has constantly warned and condemned anything that has to do with dating a married woman as a man. I mean if you don't fear your life at least fear and respect God.

2.) Societally wrong: Even society frowns heavily at it and that is why most times when any man is caught sleeping with another man's wife, the man is usually disgraced, beaten and paraded round town because every one sees it as a very shameful and disgraceful act.

3.) Destruction: Dating a married woman would ultimately lead to destruction and what I mean by destruction here is very broad; I am not just talking of the possible destruction of your life but also the possible destruction of the family of the married woman that you are having an affair with.

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