3 types of foods and drinks children should reduce its intake to develop well


Every living things need food and drink to survive in life. As food is compulsory for humans, so also is drink. Studies revealed that the best type of foods are those that did not need to be cooked i.e fruits and veggies while the best natural drink is water. Children are very fragile and they need good foods to develop both mentally and physically. 


Photo credit: Academy of nutrition and dietetics

To enable rapid growth and development, parents need to ensure that there kids eat balance diet and also avoid some types of foods and drinks suck as junk food. Some of the foods and drinks parents need to ensure that there children reduce its intake are mentioned below.

1. Carbonated drinks

They are drinks that are made with carbon dioxide gas and most of them also contain excess sugar. Parents should make sure that children didn't consume too much of this drink because of its high sugar content and gas which may not be good for children growth.


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2. Snacks

Snacks is usually eaten in-between meals or when food is not available. Although some people usually eat snacks as main meal but it is not advisable especially for kids.


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3. High carb foods

Children need more of proteinous foods than carbohydrate foods for good development. High carb foods may lead to other health challenges for children if eaten excessively.


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