3 Types Of Foods You Should Avoid If You Have Arthritis

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Arthritis is one of the most dreaded diseases that can happen to anyone, and it is pretty common and can happen to anyone. It is a health condition that has to do with chronic inflammation of the joints. It can cause severe pain and damage to the bones, joints, and also other parts of the body, and that is a very uncomfortable feeling. The most common is Osteoarthritis, which is noninflammatory. Studies have shown that the type of food we eat, and the type of food we avoid can play a role in reducing the pain and symptoms of inflammatory arthritis and help improve our overall health and fitness. For the purpose of this article, we are going to be looking at foods that you should avoid if you have arthritis.


Source: healthline.com

a) Sugar: avoiding sugar is one of the hardest things for anyone to do, because it is very sweet, and many foods contain sugar, so it is very hard to completely avoid sugar. But no matter how much you love sugar, you have to try your best to avoid sugar as much as possible, especially if you have arthritis.


Some foods that you should avoid include burgers, ice cream, sweet drinks, and many other foods that have sugar in them. Studies have shown that people who consume sugar stand a chance of getting arthritis or making it worse if they already have it.


b) Processed or red meat: if you are a fan of eating processed or red meat, such as canned meat, cow meat, etc, you should definitely avoid eating this because it is one of the major causes of arthritis in the body.


If you have arthritis and have been eating processed meat, this is the time to stop if you want your health to improve. Studies have linked red meat to inflammation which can cause symptoms of arthritis.


c) Processed foods: processed food are very unhealthy for the body if they are taken every time, and this can not be over-emphasized. Processed foods like corn flakes, canned sardines, canned corn, etc, contains a high amount of sugar, and inflammatory ingredients, which can make your arthritis worse, according to health experts. You have to try your possible best to avoid foods like this if you want to improve your health.


If you know you have been eating any of the foods mentioned above, it is your duty to avoid them at all cost and seek medical attention as much as possible.

Source: healthline.com

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