3 Unusual Signs Of Hepatitis You Might Be Ignoring


In basic terms Hepatitis is the inflammation of the hepatocytes (cells of the liver). It is a life-threatening problem because it affects the liver which is one of the most vital organ in the body. The cardinal sign of Hepatitis is yellowing of the skin and eyes which is caused by jaundice. In this article I will outline three unusual symptoms of Hepatitis you might be ignoring.

4968b8017a8e4a7d98e8422021030c78?quality=uhq&resize=720There are different causes and types of Hepatitis but that is not the focus of this article because whatever the is causing damage to the liver requires urgent attention. Ignored Hepatitis can lead to deadly health problems such as sepsis (overall infection of your system), encephalopathy (build up of toxins in the brain), and other forms of end organ damage.

718c934948a549cf973d2f0dca904b87?quality=uhq&resize=720Below are three unusual sign of Hepatitis asides the popularly known yellowing of the skin and eyes caused by jaundice.

1. Pale or Dark Stool. This is also due to malfunctioning of the liver. It results from the inability of the liver to metabolize bile which leads to build-up of bile or any of it's metabolic product in the stool. If you notice your stool is always dark or pale, please consult with a health professional to help you discern the underlying cause.

2. Dark Urine. Like pale stool, dark urine can also indicate that you might be having Hepatitis. As in the first case, you need to see a health professional for help.

b68aa83722384a6f903a8ad2a023080d?quality=uhq&resize=7203. Weight loss and fatigue. Although these signs cannot tell if you have Hepatitis or not but when it occurs alongside yellowing of the skin and eyes with dark urine can indicate an underlying Hepatitis.

21c4eef40ce64679bc146a40020d0977?quality=uhq&resize=720Hepatitis is a deadly disease, if it is not quickly attended to it can progress to a serious health condition which can lead to death. Please don't ignore any of the aforementioned signs of Hepatitis cause the earlier treatment commences for the disease the better the outcome of therapy.

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