3 Ways to Apologize to Your Lover After a Fight

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What happens when you fight with your spouse? Do you just sleep over it and forget about it the next day? Or do you call a family meeting to settle it? Do you merely say I'm sorry and that ends it?

It doesn't end with simply saying I'm sorry, it goes deeper than that. What ways can you apologize to your lover after a fight?

1. Write them a note/SMS:

It isn't just enough to say sorry. You could take it a notch higher by writing an apology note or SMS where you express your heart and penitence.


2. Buy a gift:

Get them something special that they would love which would be a token of your apology to them.

3. Determine to repent:

Repentance simply means turning away from the old mindset. Don't repeat what you did to hurt your lover. Intentionally take note not to keep doing the same thing.

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ADS: You Will Be Credited With 10 Million (Tap Here Now!) and don't forget to share this article..


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