3 Ways To Make Your Girlfriend Think Of You Even When You Are Not Around



There are ways guys should treat their girlfriends in order for them to always be in her mind. If a girl misses your presence, it means you are doing something right in the relationship. When she starts to think of you everytime, it means she is actually in love with you. Below, are three ways to always be on your girlfriend's mind.


1. Be spontaneous

Being spontaneous means you should be unpredictable in a positive way. Make it your duty to surprise your girl by taking her out to new places, buying her gifts without hinting at it, and making her laugh. Doing all these will make her see you as an interesting and romantic person which will make her miss your presence.


2. Make her feel special

If you treat your girlfriend well, she will think more of you. Giving her some thoughtful presents can make her day. For example, your girlfriend updated her status with a shoe or a dress she loves. You can surprise her with the dress or the shoe like the one she posted. In addition, you can make her feel special by complimenting her, sending her sweet messages throughout the day and taking her to exciting places such as the mall, a restaurant, an amusement park or even a zoo. As a result, your girlfriend will surely miss your personality if you end up far away from her.

3. Always be available for her.

Make it a point of duty to always be there for her. Be a shoulder for her to lean on at all times and an ear to listen to all she has to say. If you are always there for her, she will notice it more when you aren't around her. This makes it difficult for her to forget you when you're not around.

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