4 Causes Of Lower Back Pain In Men And When To See A Doctor



At one point in our lives, we are all bound to experience lower back pain. This is because it is a common condition and most times not due to a major health condition and as such, goes away on it's own after some days but in some cases also, lower back pain can be due to something more serious as in organ disease or problems. So you should always be ready and watchful to know when your own has crossed the normal and common limit.

In this article, we are going to have a look at some of the causes of lower back pain and when you should consider seeing a doctor. Just sit tight and enjoy this piece whilst learning something you may have never read or come across in any other health platform.

What Are The Causes Of Lower Back Pain In Men?

1. Spinal Stenosis; spinal stenosis is a condition that arises when the spinal column narrows thus putting pressure on the spinal cord and close nerves. When this happens, much pressure is mounted on the nerves thus causing a number of symptoms ranging from numbness, pain and weakness. People suffering from lower back pain due to stenosis often feel worse when walking or standing.

2. Poor Sitting Position; this is one of the less severe reason or cause of lower back pain and it's still important to be mentioned. If you are always sitting, you might start having cramps due to extended period of sitting down. People who work from morning to night sitting, often experience this kind of back pain and the best thing you can do is get some OTC pain relief drugs and handle the pain. You can also use either cold Compress or warm compress to get more blood flowing to these extremities thus reducing pain.

3. Arthritis; this is a health condition that arises when the joints inflame or when there is an inflammation of the joints and bones. In it's initial stages, a person might start having lower back pain. Persistent pain in the lower back for no clear reason, shouldn't be taken for granted as it can also be one sign of arthritis in it's developmental stages. So never rule this possibility out if you have someone in your family suffering or that suffered from arthritis.

4. Kidney Problems; this is another reason for persistent lower back pain in men and also women. The kidneys are very important organs of the body and as such when they are not alright, you will certainly suffer some health problems, one of which is lower back pain that appears never to go away.

When Should You See A Doctor?

Lower back pain is a very disturbing condition and can drastically reduce productivity in people. So you should endeavour to see a doctor once your back pain persists for upto a week and you still feel the pain. Try as much as possible to see a doctor for proper checkup to either rule out any chances you are having spinal issues or confirm it.

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