4 Common Foods That Are Bad For Arthritis Pain


Arthritis is a health condition that commonly affects older individuals. Research shows that most people that suffer Arthritis get it genetically and it is more prone to women.

This is because of the loss of calcium compounds during the production of a baby. It is a painful situation that can be managed through drugs and diet.

But it seems like most people tend to make their conditions worse through the food they eat. In this article, I am going to be talking about 4 common foods that are bad for arthritis pain.

1. Fried and processed foods

Fried and processed foods have been proven to contain carcinogenic compounds which can increase a person risk of cancer.

They also contain heavily processed Ingredients which were used in it's production making it really dangerous for the body. All these builds up inflammation in the body that flares up arthritis.

2. Refined carbs

Refined carbs includes white bread which studies show doesn't contain any important nutrient for the body. Most of the minerals present in white bread are lost when they are produced.

Because of their high level of calories and sugar, it can flare up arthritis pain in people.

3. Junk Foods

Junk Foods include foods like buns, egg roll, meat pie, cake and pie. They are all foods that contain high calories in them.

These junk foods also contain large amounts of sugar in them which increases a person's chances of suffering diabetes. All these causes inflammation which increases Arthritis pain.

4. Red and Processed meats

Red and Processed meats included pork, beef etc all of these are harmful to the body. Most processed meats have been linked to increased chances of inflammation in the body.

Eating these types of food can increase the pain of arthritis in people.

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