4 Common symptoms that may suggest brain malfunction.


d418fc1fc415413ab333db5f93f34878?quality=uhq&resize=7201) Strong headache : if you experience a strong headache that comes suddenly and last for several minutes or hour, you to visit a doctor for check up. Avoid self medication .

2) Inability to control your hands while shaking: When you notice this inability, it could mean that the person is having a hand tremor. You should visit a doctor for proper medications.

3) Memory Issues : Inability to remember things easily or you have take time to think before you remember what someone told you few minutes ago, then you may be having issues with your brain . you may be experiencing dementia or Alzheimer's disease.you also need to visit a doctor.

4) Always having trouble with concentrating and reading: When someone start lacking concentration ,may be the person is suffering from aniexty , depression , mostly concussion.

Concussion is the type of brain trauma that can cause issues with concentrating and also having good memory. Effect are usually temporarily, sign of concussion can be subtle and may not show up immediately.signs can last for days, weeks or even longer .

. Common symptoms of concussion are.

* Headache

* Loss of memory

* Blurry vision

In children concussions can be difficult to recognise in infants and toddlers because they can't describe their feeling , which includes

* Daze appearance.

* List lessness and tiring easily .

*Loss of balance and unsteady walking.

* Excessive cry .

* Change in eating and sleeping pattern .

* Lack of interest in favorite toys

Note: parents should avoid hitting their children on the head and try to observe some abnormal behavior of a their children and visit a doctor.


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