4 Different Ways To Make A Girl Laugh During A Conversation


Getting someone to laugh is something that should be done effortlessly. When you try so hard it gets quite obvious, and any sane person would know you are putting on so much effort. And that tends to look fake sometimes.


When trying to make a woman laugh, you have to use your authentic personality as much as possible, not forgetting your natural wit, funny jokes, and stories, and other kinds of weird, or edgy humourous communication to tickle her and engage her sense of humor. All these don't always have to be done in person, they can also be done via text

1. Make Use Of The Things You See Around

Basically you need to get acquainted to this methods to make her laugh. To get her to laugh by this first method, look around, use what is called observation comedy. Make use of what is around you. For example; talk about the guy in the funny tie sitting across the room, the bizarre or ridiculous math question in the test you took, the waiters and her yam legs.

2. Try Some Funny Questions

You could start by asking her questions like what is that thing you tried, but will never do again? That's a fascinating question that is bound to get her thinking. What's more, it help you find out just how wild or daring she actually is. It will even be more fun if you discover that you have both had the same experiences in the past. Sharing them would be lots of fun and would spur a lot of laughter. Doesn't really matter if you both did have same experiences, there's always going to be laughter.

3. Art of funny Storytelling

The very art of using funny, edgy stories is an awesome way to get her to laugh. Infact it's actually one of my most preferred ways, and I strongly think that it’s one of the, if not easiest ways to get a girl to laugh without having to take any risks.

Wondering why I believe so? Well, it's Because, telling an interesting story that ends up being not so funny can be embarrassing, but at least you still told a story.

It's a whole lot better when a guy can get his girl to laugh at will. She would always want to be around him.

4. Identify Cliches In A Funny Way

It's actually very easy: Whenever you are talking to her and you hear her use some sort of stereotype, repeat it in a semi-ridiculous or "over the top" manner. This is also a safe way because, it let’s her know that you are teasing and not particularly trying to be a silly. What's more, the "over the top" energy, whenever said in a positive or funny manner can actually be a fuel for comedy, not just that, it's also a very powerful method for making her giggle. When properly combined, they are a sure method to get some giggles out of her, and perhaps, a bit more of sexual chemistry.

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