4 Foods That Are Not Healthy For The Brain

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The Brain remains one of the most important organs in the body. It is actually the main co ordinator of the most important functions of the body.

Foods, diets, habits all have their own role to play in the body. But foods play the most important role in the body. This is because they can play an important role in over all good health and brain development.

In this article, I am mainly going to be talking about 4 foods that are bad for your brain health and some reasons why they are dangerous

1. foods high in Margarine or Margarine Itself


There is no doubt that margarine is a tasty food that can be added to some of the food items you eat. Margarine are high in Trans fats and saturated fats.

Research shows that they may cause havoc to brain functions and affect the health of the brain. Studies show that people with highest levels of elaidic acids found in margarine have higher risk of dementia.

2. Alcoholic drinks

Despite the fact that little glass of alcohol has no effect on either the brain health or heart health, it could mess with the brain when you take it in excess.

Studies show that higher intake of alcohol could lead to depression, confusion and fatigue.

3. Sugary drink

Research shows that sugary drinks has an effect on the overall health. Sugary drinks can lead to diabetes, heart related conditions and other chronic conditions.

Eating these types of foods in larger quantities could increase your chances of either stroke or other brain related health conditions.

4. Fried Foods


Due to the picture used, you might be really surprised but Fried foods has a lot of disadvantages to health. This ranges from heart related health conditions to brain health.

According to WebMD, it could damage blood vessels that supply blood to the brain leading to dementia or stroke.

Extra points on Point 4

I am not in any way condemning Chicken meat as it is one of the most healthy type of meat. But I condemn the process by which it is prepared which is frying.

Stop frying chicken meat or any other type of meat, rather parboil or put in oven.

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