4 Foods To Avoid When You A Have Serious Lung Condition.



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Some medical conditions comes with avoiding certain kind of food. For people with serious lung diseases, certain foods can easily trigger symptom flare-ups, so before reaching for whatever looks tasty, you might want to avoid these foods with lung disease.

According to World Health Organization estimates, mainly from high-income countries, 65 million people have moderate to severe Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, but a great proportion of COPD worldwide may be under-diagnosed, mostly in low and middle-income countries.

So to prevent stay healthy and strong here are some food to avoid if you have serious lung conditions.

1. Dairy products

It is essential to avoid dairy products when you are suffering from pneumonia as this can worsen symptoms. Although milk is nutritious and filled with calcium, it contains casomorphin which has been known to increase mucus in the intestines.


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2. Excessive intake of salt.

Salt in food has its health benefits but when it becomes excess can be dangerous to your health. Salt can make people retain water, and excess water can cause breathing problems. Instead of using salt or a salt substitute, try herbs and spices to enhance the flavor of your food.


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3. Stay clear from fry food

Do you know that excessive fried food over time can cause weight gain? Also, it increases pressure on the lungs. Fried foods can cause bloating and discomfort by pushing on the diaphragm, making it difficult and uncomfortable to breathe. So if you are having a lung condition you don't want to make it harder on yourself.


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4. Frozen foods

This should not be debated. You might be tempted to take a drink chilled or cold things may be due to some reasons best known to you. But it is important to know that frozen foods or cold cuts are always dangerous for your health. Avoid frozen or cold cuts when you are suffering from pneumonia.

Finally, despite your craving for this food mention above with a chronic condition such as lung disease, it is extremely important to eat healthily.

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