4 Foods You Should Eat Regularly To Boost Your Immunity Against Infection

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Immunity basically means the state or quality of being immune (protected) against infection. The immune system of the human body which is responsible for your immunity can be strengthened or weakened by your lifestyle or habits and diet.

645c9097c7b64d9f9c2a6fada969b2f8?quality=uhq&resize=720The kind of activities you engage in can go a long way in determining the state or quality of your immune system. For example people who always undergo severe stress and fail to get an adequate amount of sleep after each day's hustle are prone to fall sick. In the same vein, people who fail to eat healthy and natural foods regularly are at risk of a weakened immunity which consequently predispose them to sickness.

0327d1b604a2477590fed1d27d90dc01?quality=uhq&resize=720Below is a compilation of foods that works through certain physiological mechanisms to help strengthen your immunity against infection.

1. Naturally made yogurts. Naturally made youghurts contains a high content of vitamin D and fibre. The vitamin helps to regulate our immune system to boost our immunity while on the other hand the fibre helps to develop a health microflora which also strengthen our immunity against infection.

fa4a0171b9be4f79b59cccd25b744123?quality=uhq&resize=7202. Spinach. Spinach contains a high level of vitamin C, B-carotene and antioxidants. The antioxidants helps to eliminate free radicals from the body. Please note that when adding spinach to your meal for this purpose, cook it as little as possible to get optimum value from eating it.

3091482e76bf416cb58aec848ffbb4ec?quality=uhq&resize=7203. Ginger, Garlic and Turmeric. Both foods contains anti-inflammatory properties which ultimately helps boost our immunity against infection. You can either choose to add them to your dishes or soak them in hot water and drink from time to time.

5704bfa5636748d1aaad711bf58b8d09?quality=uhq&resize=7208ff5562219b94b0b883c19dc4b0b57b9?quality=uhq&resize=72009d9df21e06048af84dbdc6714e1fe7f?quality=uhq&resize=7204. Fruits like orange, papaya and pineapple. They all contain vitamin C and other valuable nutrients which are beneficial to your health.

bfb219fc188349ee973c1c199b055e8a?quality=uhq&resize=720fb6ee2b3847f4f55a19af44007b19c03?quality=uhq&resize=720PS: in addition to these foods, always ensure you have enough sleep each day, avoid excessive stress and engage in little exercises everyday.

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