4 Fruits With High Sugar Content That Should Be Eaten In Moderation By Diabetic Patients


7ddd631850fd4d75b0fd29b71fbb0fe9?quality=uhq&resize=720One way of staying healthy is by reducing the amount of sugar you consume. Excess consumption of sugar is bad for your health. It leads to obesity and diabetes. However, sugar comes in different forms. It is present in processed foods like cakes and in natural foods like fruits.9a50810df85c40cb8a07329654bdb903?quality=uhq&resize=720

Most fruits contain a high amount of sugar, but that is nothing to worry about. The sugar in fruits is derived from glucose and fructose which are carbohydrates. Fruits offer a lot of nutritional and health benefits. The sugar contained in fruits are healthy, however, if you have diabetes then you should limit your consumption of certain sugary fruits.8f8e79dc57e947e7b01415ee5d8b236a?quality=uhq&resize=720

In this article, we’ll have a look at 4 fruits that have high sugar levels and 3 fruits that are low in sugar.

Here are 5 fruits that are packed with sugar.

1.      Apple

Apples have a high amount of carbohydrates, thus leading to its high sugar content. It is rich in vitamin C, antioxidants and fiber.ce6b38ef9ece4b0f90ee55d4ec8d50fb?quality=uhq&resize=720

2.      Pineapple

Pineapple contains a high amount of sugar. It also contains a lot of water making it a sweet hydrating fruit to have on a hot day.

3.      Mango

Mangoes are seasonal fruits and as such we tend to eat a lot of them when they are available in the market. Mango contains a high amount of sugar. It is also very rich in vitamin A and vitamin C.a657d478aefe4797a35d74562f9418d1?quality=uhq&resize=720

4.      Banana

Bananas have a high sugar content when compared to other fruits. They also contain calcium, ironb358bab8b90e45409f5de805a1c5093b?quality=uhq&resize=720

Fruits that are low in sugar

1.      Avocado

Avocados are buttery and tasty with low amount of sugar. They contain a lot of healthy fats which helps you feel full and satisfied.093df59f65d44794b07ee1e9822fbb77?quality=uhq&resize=720

2.      Lemon

Lemon has a sour taste with only about one gram of sugar. The best way to enjoy lemon is by slicing it and adding it to your glass of water. Drinking lemon water helps to keep your appetite in check.d54791d901e6470dbba2068d8157bb7a?quality=uhq&resize=720

3.      Watermelon

Watermelon has a high water content as well a low sugar content. A watermelon is the best fruit to have during a hot day. The water keeps you hydrated while supplying your body with iron.0cfe26ecaf3a47dd97fc644bdec29b23?quality=uhq&resize=720

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