4 Health benefits of prenatal massage



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Massage during pregnancy, often known as prenatal or pregnancy massage, helps to relieve pregnancy symptoms and discomfort. It can be compared to a full-body massage, but with a few changes for the mother's and baby's safety.

It is safe to have prenatal massages during the second or third trimesters, or even during labor, to help you cope with labor pain, but not in the first trimester, due to the higher risk of miscarriage and nausea in the first three months.

Here are 4 benefits of prenatal massage

1 Relieves migraines


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 Hormonal changes and other factors such as dehydration can trigger migraine headaches in pregnant women. Massage treatment can help to reduce headaches by calming the trigger points.

2 Reduces swelling


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Increased blood vessel pressure can cause edema or swelling of the joints. Massage can help reduce swelling by activating the soft tissues and reducing fluid retention in swollen joints. 

3 Eases heartburn


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Heartburn is relieved by a mild abdominal massage, which loosens the myofascial tissues, relaxes the neurological system, and relieves stomach strain.

4 Reduces low back pain


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Lower back discomfort can be caused by a shift in the center of gravity, as well as relaxed ligaments and sciatica. A prenatal massage may be beneficial in reducing pain.

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