4 Reasons why you must stop wearing tight boxers (underwear).


1a7727f8630d42c399c7d72a128474dd?quality=uhq&resize=720Underwear is generally a personal choice. You may prefer boxers, shorts etc. Regardless of the type of underware you put on, you maybe wondering if it is ok to put on a tight pair of underwear.

According to healthline some research suggest that wearing tight underware isn't a good thing for your health.

In this article we will discuss wether putting on tight underwear is good for your health or not.

A 2018 study found lower sper*m counts in people who wear tight underwear, though more research on the topic is needed.

The following reasons are why you must stop putting on tight underwear.

1. Affect sper*m count

This is one of the reasons why you should stop wearing tight underwear. Research found lower sper*m counts in people who wear tight underwear.

Wearing tight underwear increases temperature around the scrotum which affects sper*m production.

2. Reduces blood circulation

If you put in tight underwear for too long it can effect blood circulation. Therefore, the nerve on that area can be hampered. If your body tissue don't get enough oxygen from blood flow, tissue death can occure.

3. Can cause infection

Regular wearing of tight underwear can cause irritation and inflammation around the genital area. You can also feel a tingling sensation there.

Since there is no free flow of oxygen in the pubic area, it is very common to grow yeast infection especially in women.

Regular habit of putting on tight underwear can cause health complications.

4. Causes skin disease

When you wear tight underwear the material of the pieces continues to rub against your skin for long time.

You may happen to have seen red spots on your waistline; this is sometimes caused by putting on tight underwear.

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