4 Signs She Misses You When You Are Not Around


Can you spot through her behavior that she is craving your presence? If your girlfriend misses you, it means you are dear to her heart. She might not openly tell you that she misses you, but you will find out through the way she behaves.


We are going to discuss the 4 signs she misses you when you are not around.

1. When she texts and calls you in the middle of the night: If she calls you in the middle of the night to know your state of being. It means you are always on her mind, and can't even sleep. She will try to keep the conversation going, and won't want to end the call. If she doesn't miss you, she won't call, or leave you messages.

2. She tries to convince you to come back early: She will try to cut your stay in town, or anywhere short. The girl might even tell you that she has a surprise package for you, but she will only give you the gift when you come back. She is thinking about you, and she wants you to be with her.

3. She chats with you whenever you are online: When she sees you online, she will make sure to reach out to you. When you are not online, she might leave you messages, so that anytime you turn on your data, you see many messages flooding your phone from her. The girl will also tag you on social media, and like your old pictures.

4. When she shares your pictures all over social media: The girl could change her profile picture, and replace it with your picture. She floods your pictures all over social media, It is not anything she misses you.

These signs will help you to know that she is thinking about you, and misses you so much.

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