4 Signs that she is the right woman for you


One thing is to love, another thing is to be loved. When a man is ready to settle down, he looks for a woman to walk down the isle with. But sometimes, men ask themselves some important questions before choosing a woman to marry. One of those important questions men usually ask themselves before marrying a woman is, "is she the right woman for me". To some people, this question will remain unanswered until they are married. Therefore, whether you are married, or you are about to marry, Mr_Counselor has included, herein four signs you will notice if she is the right woman for you.


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1. If you trust her, and she trust you too.

Nothing is more exciting when you marry a woman who you can confide in. One good question most people need to answer is, "does your partner trust you as much as you trust her". This question is only answerable if you know your wife or the woman who you want to marry very well.

Trust is one of the best holders of marriage. A marriage without trust is bound to fail. This is because, love cannot exist where there is only distrust.

Trust, as used here does not only mean that she doesn't engage in extramarital affairs. It also include your safety. Can you trust your life in the hands of your wife, or the woman you are about to marry? If your answer is yes, then she is the right woman for you.

2. She is not a negative influence in your life, rather, she acts as a positive force.

As imperfect as you are, if your wife or the woman you want to marry is always positive about your imperfections, then you should be happy because she is the right woman for you.

There are some women who cannot stay a day without reminding you about your imperfections in a hurtful way. Also, there are some that recognises how imperfect all humans are and works towards, at least making you better. If your wife or girlfriend is the later, she is the right woman for you.

3. If she acts as an inspirer or motivator to you.

You may not achieve everything you want in life alone, that is why you need a helper in form of a wife. Her duty is not only to help you with everything you do with her on contribution, she is also there to motivate you.

When everything seems terrible, she will be there to motivate you not to give up. If this is your wife or girlfriend, she is the right woman for you.

4. If after you met her, your life changed positively.

Some people believe that some women have good lucks, while some have the opposite of it. Whichever one you believe in, if your life has changed positively after meeting your wife or girlfriend, she is the right person for you.

She may not have any spiritual possessions as luck is interpreted to be, it could be her hard works, persistence and loyalty that changed your life, kindly be assured that she is the best woman for you.

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