4 Simple Ways To Tell If A Lady Loves You


90b7dad8fe3d4e0aac32f0b2c116390d?quality=uhq&resize=720It's hard to see a lady express how she feels about a guy, and one of the reasons why they don't show it is because they don't want you to see them as cheap girls. Even with that, do you know that ladies have a way in which they express their feeling towards a guy? In today's article am going to highlight four things, a lady will do when she starts loving you.

1. She would tell you virtually everything she's doing. When a lady is telling all she does, it simply means that she is beginning to like you. Some ladies find it hard to share things with guys, so if she tells you about her plans or personal life it means she is in love with you.

2. She would want to be around you all the time. This is another way to know when a lady likes you. She wouldn't mind being around you all the time. She would want to share every moment with you. So as a guy, once you notice this, please give her the opportunity.

3. She would want to spend her money on you. When a lady starts loving you, she wouldn't mind investing all her money in you. She will make sure she supports you financially. For a lady to do all these things means she loves you and she wants to be with you.

4. She calls you every night. Any lady that loves you will call you at night. One of the reasons why she called you at night is because she couldn't stop thinking about you.

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