4 Things A Woman Does When She Has Fallen In Love With You


1. She Loses Track Of Time When She's With You.


When you're doing something that you don't like, five minutes can feel like an hour, but when you're with the love of your life, an hour can feel like five minutes.

2. She Considers You When Making Plans.

The woman who loves you is going to put what you want or like into consideration when she's making plans.

3. She Sends You Love Notes.

While some believe that writing love notes are old-fashioned, those who find it hard to talk to a man still use it because it's one of the easiest ways to express yourself.

When you receive a love note from a lady who has fallen deeply in love with you, it just speaks right to the heart.


4. She Stalks You On Social Media.

If a woman has fallen in love with you, she would make sure you notice her on social media.

She's going to like, comment and basically engage with all your post on social media. Since she's finding it very difficult to approach you, she'll try to use social media to grab your attention.

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