4 Things You Consume That Could Make You To Age Fast


Ageing is an inevitable characteristic of man, as time, days, months and years keeping passing so also we continue ageing.


Your ageing process can be slowed if you adopt a healthy lifestyle or consume healthy foods or diet in the right quantity. People who have poor lifestyles and eat unhealthy diets are mostly faced with the issue of quick ageing. Too much intake of certain foods can make you age faster. 


Some of these foods you consume that makes you age fast include.

1. White bread


Foods with a high glycemic index (GI), such as white bread, can lead to inflammation in the body, which is directly associated with the process of ageing.

2. Salty foods


Foods that contain a high amount of sodium make you retain water and feel bloated. Water retention can make your skin look puffy and tired.

3. Fried foods


Foods fried in oil at high temperatures mostly release free radicals that can lead to cellular damage to the skin. Exposure to free radicals aggravates the ageing process due to an action known as cross-linking. Cross-linking impacts deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) molecules and can weaken skin’s elasticity.

4. Sweetened foods


Excess sugar molecules bond with proteins and trigger a process that can affect the skin collagen (the protein that keeps the skin elastic and youthful). Also, sugar causes damage to the teeth, that is tooth decay and discolouration.

Ensure you limit your intake of these 4 things to prevent quick ageing.

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