4 Things You Should Do When A Girl Is Not Interested In You


Have you ever been in a situation where you like a girl but she says she's not interested in you? This is not maybe she's in a relationship, she's single but she doesn't have interest in you. What most guys do is give up thereby missing lots of opportunities. You will have to play some mind games to get such a woman. In this article, you will learn things you should do when a girl is not interested in you.


1. Pull back: The mistake most men make is to keep pushing forward when a girl says she's not interested. This irritates her and makes her dislike you more. What you need to do is pull back. Act like you don't give a damn if she is not interested in you. Stop communicating with her for a while. Stop viewing her pictures on WhatsApp or liking her pictures on other social media platforms. This makes her think, doesn't he like me anymore? Has he got someone else? 

2. Hit the gym and eat better: During the time of avoiding her, go work on yourself. Get to the gym and build muscles. Understand that workout doesn't only help your body it also affects your mind. It makes you think clearer. Also, eat nutritious food. When you work out and eat better you will be proud when you look at yourself in the mirror.

3. Make her work for you: After avoiding her and working on yourself, the next time she sees you, she going to be kind of, "Is this the guy I rejected?" "Has a woman been in his life taking care of him?" At this point, she will become friendly and wants to get close. Now listen, this is where some guys miss it. This is when most guys start smiling and happy with her. No, don't do that. Let her work for you. Turn the table around and let her pursue you. Starts acting hard to get. Act busy. 

4. Make her qualify herself for you: For instance, ask her, "what are the three qualities that make you different from every other woman?" When together ask her to tell you something interesting and if she has nothing interesting to say, playfully tell her that she's boring to be with. At this point, she might even ask if you have a woman girlfriend. Just tell her that many women are asking you out but that you haven't taken a decision. You are now the selector and she will begin to think of ways to impress you because she knows there are competitors now. 

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