4 Ways You Can Make A Woman Confess Her Feelings For You


Love is a two-way thing. When two people are in a relationship, it is anticipated that both parties love each other, even if the love is stronger on one side.

However, there are times when a man loves a girl but is unsure whether she feels the same way. In this instance, caution is required to avoid embarrassment when attempting to show your green light.

As a man, you could see a lady you like but don't know how to tell her you love her, since you don't know whether the emotions will be reciprocated.

When a lady adores a man, the glow on her face says it all. However, this is not always the case. The major question is; how will a man entice a lady to profess her love for him. Continue reading.


1. Invest in her by spending quality time with her:

Women may conceal their emotions since they are hesitant to express their sentiments to a complete stranger. Spending time with her helps her feel at ease around you.

It convinces her that you are no longer the stranger she once knew. She will feel at ease discussing some topics with you, especially how she feels in your presence.

Ladies are more likely to open up when they believe you genuinely care about them.

2. Make consistent eye contact with her:

Ladies are generally timid in front of a man they love at first. Maintaining eye contact may be challenging for a lady at first, because the eyes are like windows to the soul.

So, as a guy, if you notice that she disconnects her eyes from yours whenever you try to keep eye contact with her, it's a strong indication that she is interested in you but is afraid to express it.697cf5efcd80435894e1136e921efe41?quality=uhq&resize=720

3. Sit close to her and observe her body language:

When a lady likes or loves you, her behavior around you in comparison to others will reveal all. From the way she laughs to the way she listens intently to what you say.

You'll note that even if you refuse to sit near her, she'll make an attempt to get close to you. When she laughs, she may tap your laps or other places.

4. Have fun with her:

Try starting a fun game with her and see how she reacts. Ladies always act like children in front of the man they adore. When you observe this about her, she is inadvertently giving you the green light.

Every woman enjoys being in the arms of the man she loves. They feel safe and comfortable around them.

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