5 Best Exercises That Can Help To Reduce Your Blood Pressure

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High blood pressure is one of the causes of heart failure, stroke and kidney failure. Yet many people do not care to check their blood pressure from time to time.

High blood pressure is described as the silent killer because its symptoms may not easily be noticed, yet the potential threat to life is enormous.

There are many ways of reducing your blood pressure. This includes diet, exercise, reducing salt intake, but I want to highlight the at least five exercises that have proven to be effective in reducing blood pressure level.

1 Brisk walking.


Brisk walking is one easy method of reducing your blood pressure reading. At least 30 minutes of brisk walking exercise everyday will help to bring your blood pressure down.

2. Cycling.

Cycling is another type of anaerobic exercise that is effective in reducing blood pressure level. Even healthy people are required to engage in these exercises regularly in order to help their blood vessels to perform well.

3. Swimming.

Swimming is also an anaerobic exercise that is also effective in reducing blood pressure level. You know that exercise helps to keep the mind away from a lot of things which may affect the blood pressure.

4. Running.

Running is also another exercise that may condition our cardiovascular health. When we run, the rate of oxygen that we breath in increases and we also breath out more carbon dioxide.

In this way our heartbeat increases and our blood vessels perform better.

5. Weight lifting.


Sometimes, it may be better for somebody who is training for his cardiovascular health to include resistance training exercise because when it is combined with aerobic exercise the cardiovascular system performs better.

But while trying to exercise for the purpose of reducing your blood pressure level, it is always better to start gradually and improve even as your health improves and your body gets conditioned to the exercise.


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