5 Body Parts That Show Initial Sign Of Sickness For Which You Should Not Ignore


If we are attentive to our health, we would have no reason to be down with sickness. This is because some organs in our body will always inform us whenever we are sick.

I want to highlight some body organs you should always listen to and take proactive measures to overcome sicknesses.

1. The tongue.

The tongue is in charge of taste. It draws saliva from the body and in this way will always reflect changes in the body through taste. When your saliva start tasting foul,sour or metallic, report to your doctor.

2. The brain.


The brain is the sensory organ that controls most activities in the body. It normally notify us about areas where we have inflammation in the body through pain. When you are having pains in any part of your body, you shouldn't ignore it.

Remember that chronic inflammations is the major cause of most chronic diseases people suffer. Pay attention to any pain you are having in the body.

3. The skin.

The skin is the largest organ in the body and it normally reveal changes that take place in the body. Oftentimes, we ignore skin problems as not too important but in many occasions they are warning signs of chronic problems which is being developed.

Show your skin problems to your doctor, never trivialize them because they may indicate serious sickness developing inside your body. Studies have shown that diabetes and even high cholesterol levels can show up in the skin.

4. The Gums.

Most people don't care very much about gum infections but scientists say that gums infections may cause heart diseases. According to WebMD studies have shown that many people with gum problems end up having heart diseases.

Though scientists have not fully explained the how it works but it is believed that some bacteria follow the blood vessels to the heart. Always pay attention to your gum infections because of what they could cause.

5. The urine.

The bladder stores urine produced by the kidneys. The urine is another thing in the body that quickly reveals the problems in the body. When you notice a strange colour in your urine without cause, report to your doctor.

Normal urine colour ranges from pale yellow to deep amber because of a pigment called urochrome . Other things that may affect your urine colour includes how much water you drank, medications taken or some foods such as beets etc.

If your urine colour show unusual colour without a cause, please don't ignore because nature made it possible for these body organs to notify us about what is going on within us.

Content created and supplied by: StayHealthy (via Opera News )


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