5 Carbohydrates Foods That May Not Cause A Spike In Blood Sugar

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One of the greatest problems of diabetic patients is how to determine the carbohydrates foods that will not cause a spike in their blood sugar.

This problem is not only for people suffering diabetes but also for those who have prediabetes. Even normal people have a need to avoid blood sugar spikes since this may dangerously impact on a person's health.

So in this article, we want to highlight some carbohydrate foods that may not cause a spike in blood sugar.

1. Quaker oats.

Quaker oats is perhaps the best carbohydrates for people who do not want a spike in their blood sugar level. It has up to 60 percent carbohydrates with only one percent sugar and very rich in proteins, fiber and other micronutrients.

If you want to control your blood sugar go for this important complex carbohydrates.

2. Beans.

Beans is also a complex carbohydrates because it has more carbohydrates than proteins. It is also rich in fiber and other micro nutrients. Beans is a good source of carbohydrates for people who want to keep their blood sugar under control.

3. Unripened plantain.

Plantain is also another good carbohydrates source that may be good for diabetics. But bear in mind that plantain must be unripened to serve this purpose because plantain gets plenty sugar when it becomes ripened.

4. Brown rice.


Brown rice is rice that contains both the germ and the bran. You can get this healthy food in rice producing communities. It contains enough fiber and is nutrients densed.

This food is good for people who do not want a spike in their blood sugar level.

5. Whole wheat.

Whole wheat and any bread or biscuits made with whole wheat flour is good for diabetics. It is rich in fiber,and other nutrients like vitamins and minerals. They are good sources of carbs for every body especially those with diabetes.

There are many others carbohydrates foods like barley ,if you have diabetes or prediabetes don't worry only reduce your carbs intake and enjoy your grains whole and not when they are industrially processed removing the fiber and other nutrients.

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