5 Everyday Foods that Increases your Chances of Having Heart Issues


The heart is literally one of the most important organs of the body. It is the organ that moves blood to numerous organs in the body. Our diet and habits also play a good role in the health of our heart.

Eating the wrong diet and following the wrong habit could be detrimental to the heart health even leading to serious medical conditions.

Most of the foods we eat determines a lot when it comes to the health of our heart. So in this article, I am going to be talking about 5 everyday foods that increases a person's chances of having heart issues.

1. Too much red meat

Eating red meats in excess has been proven to be bad for the heart health. According to a report by WebMD.com, it raises a person's chances of suffering heart related diseases and even Diabetes.

So it is recommended that all red meat consumers should strongly reduce the amount of red meat they consume on a daily basis and consume more of fatty fishes which are built with numerous nutrients.

2. Baked Foods

Most baked Foods has been proven to high in saturated fats, cholesterol and unhealthy fats which have been proven to be bad for heart health. According to research, it increases a person's chances of suffering from High blood pressure and other heart related issues.

3. Soda or other sugar filled products

Most soda drinks has more sugar than table sugar. High consumption of soda or other sugar filled products can increase a person's chances of suffering from Diabetes and obesity

Obesity and diabetes are two chronic conditions that increases one's chances of suffering from different heart related illnesses.

4. White rice and Bread


White Rice and Bread are two products that have lost most minerals present in whole wheat. They are common foods that contain high amounts of sugar, calories and unhealthy fats.

Most breads are made with large quantities of salt and sugar which increases a person's chances of suffering high blood pressure and diabetes.

There two chronic situations are risk factors to heart health.

5. Pizza

Pizza is a commonly eaten junk food regarded as one of the most popular junk Foods in the world. There is no doubt that Pizza is a popular meal that can also be delicious to some people, but it is dangerous to the health.

It increase your chances of heart related conditions, this even becomes worse if you consume this food in excess.

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