5 Factors Married People Should Deeply Consider Before They Divorce Each Other


All things being equal, divorce is never an expected destination for any married individual. One common desire amongst most married people is "living happily ever after". In the same vein, due to unexpected events couples never saw coming, they opt for divorce. However, even though people who divorce may have every right to do so, the end experience is not always a pleasant one. This may be one of the reasons why most married couples find it uneasy to let go of their marriages even amidst ugly events.

Though not all, there are people who after divorcing their partners do wish to undo their action considering their experiences. The more reason why every married couple should consider the following factors before opting for divorce. In fact, divorce should be the last resort and not something they should embrace without fighting for the survival of their marriages.


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1. There is no perfect marriage.

Truth be told, no one would want to divorce their partner when they are well treated or when they are in their best behaviours; it is when their expectations from their spouses are cut short that they will want to separate. Nonetheless, people should not be in a hurry to file for divorce because of some flaws their partners possess because, there is no perfect marriage anywhere. Rather than divorce, you should look for means of working on whatever flaws your wife/husband may have.

2. The children in the marriage.

Married people should also put their children into consideration before separating from each other because most times, after divorce, it is the children that feel the heat. Single parenting does not produce good result compare to when the children are collectively raised by both partners. Children from broken home are prone to receiving less love and care from their parents, since they are not living together.


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3. Religious factor.

Except you do not have any religious belief, always remember that God frowns at divorce. Once couples are joined in holy matrimony, they are to remain married for better for worse until death do them part. When things get ugly, instead of divorcing, commit your marriage into God's hands for restoration.

4. There is no guarantee of meeting a better person after separation.

Most times, some couples divorce with the hope of remarrying. The thought of meeting another person who is better than their partner is always a motivating factor for them. Although some may get fortunate of meeting a better man/lady after separation, others end up meeting people worse than the person they are divorcing. As the saying goes, "A bird in hand worth more than ten thousand birds in the bush." It is better to stay with your partner and put heads together to fix your marriage than leaving and meeting someone who is not as good as your spouse.


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5. How far they have come.

You should always take a short journey to the past before you reach the decision of divorce. Don't forget that your marriage has not always been an ugly one from the start; there was a time you were so desirous of marrying your husband/wife. If your partner has always been bad, I doubt if you had chosen to be with them when there are other thousand men and women around you. Remember the beautiful times you once had. In addition, such memory will expose you to when things start taking an unpleasant twist. In that way, you will be able to take a U-turn try to correct things that went wrong.

You can make your marriage work again no matter how bad it may be presently. All you need is some time and collective efforts. Divorce is not always the solution to unpleasant happenings in marriage.

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