5 Foods Adults Should Avoid Eating in Excess to Avoid Health Complications


Good nutrition is important, no matter what your age is. It gives you energy and can help you control your weight. It may also help prevent some diseases. Proper diet and a healthy life go hand in hand, especially for older adults over the age of 65. According to reports by World Health Organization (WHO), a majority of the diseases that older people suffer are as a result of lack of proper diet. For instance, fat in food is linked cancer of the prostate, colon, and pancreas. Degenerative diseases such as osteoporosis and diabetes are also diet-related, more specifically with micronutrients.c2820824645f4648a4e36dabb035b0ca?quality=uhq&resize=720

Avoid empty calories; These are foods with lots of calories but few nutrients, such as chips, candy, baked goods, soda, and alcohol.

Excess Sugary drinks; Added sugar is one of the worst ingredients in the modern diet. However, some sources of sugar are worse than others, and sugary drinks are particularly harmful. When consumed in large amounts, sugar can drive insulin resistance and is strongly linked to non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. It’s also associated with various serious conditions, including type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

Excess Bacon; More than half of bacon’s calories come from saturated fat, which can raise your low-density lipoprotein (LDL), or bad cholesterol, and boost your chance of a heart attack or stroke. It’s full of salt, which bumps up your blood pressure and makes your heart work harder.7f73ae69513a457da7b36eb66eff9458?quality=uhq&resize=720

Excess Butter; Butter is high in saturated fat, which can raise your bad cholesterol and make heart disease more likely. You're better off to replace butter with olive oil or vegetable oil-based spreads, which contain heart-healthy mono- and polyunsaturated fats. If you have high cholesterol, a spread with stanol is even better. Regular use can help lower your LDL cholesterol levels.33a56b5a1a1c44729f22d8922fe45cd2?quality=uhq&resize=720

Excess Salami; This classic lunch sandwich meat packs more downside than upside because of its “cured meat” status. Cured meats have been linked to several nasty problems, including hypertension and heart disease.572c056a1f4a4b35a6852608c487bd6f?quality=uhq&resize=720

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