5 Health Benefits of Onions You Should Know


1e429e80b0f44bd1bf68efbf3d29dbaf?quality=uhq&resize=720Apart from tickling our taste sensations, onions serve an important role in maintaining our health. Onions contain a lot of health benefits. Onions contain sodium, calcium, folates, vitamins A, C, and E, minerals, potassium, and magnesium, to name a few nutrients. The simple onion, in reality, is a superfood. It also has these 5 incredible health benefits to offer: 

1. It can also benefit your oral health

Who'd have guessed, right? Many of us refuse to eat onions because they leave us with unpleasant breath. However, because to its vitamin C concentration, this bulb turns out to be good oral hygiene.

2. It is beneficial to one's sexual health

If your boyfriend suffers from erectile dysfunction, force him to consume onions, which, according to a research published in the international Biomolecules, can help to alleviate the problem. According to the study, it also aids in the increase of testosterone levels in men.

3. It has the ability to offer you bright, ageless skin

a638c8e4c5834c4eb60704bc248deaad?quality=uhq&resize=720Onions are high in vitamins A, C, and K, which are all essential for healthy skin. These vitamins not only help you get rid of pigmentation, but they also protect you from UV radiation. Do you know that you may make a face pack with a dash of onion juice and administer it for supple, acne-free skin?

4. It can give you beautiful hair

Many Ayurvedic hair products contain onion juice for hair development, despite the lack of scientific evidence. Additionally, onion's antimicrobial characteristics aid in the prevention of dandruff and lice on the scalp.

5. It aids in the relief of menopause symptoms

The concentration of calcium in raw onion relieves postmenopausal discomfort, according to a study in the journal of Breast Cancer.

What's the best way to consume an onion: cooked or raw?

Well, this is really a million-dollar query, and professional nutritionist Dr Lovneet Batra says that eating raw onion is preferable because it contains more sulphur and antioxidants.

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