5 Negligible signs of HIV

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Hiv/Aids is a very deadly virus. Millions of lives have been lost to this virus.

Though it is true that in this day and age, people can live a normal even when they are Hiv positive, it is also true that thousands of people are still dying from this virus. This begs the question; why?

One of the major causes of death in Hiv patients is ignorance. Studies have shown that many people with Hiv die because they did not recognize the symptoms of the virus until it was too late. In that regard, here are 5 often neglected symptoms of Hiv/Aids. 

1. Prolonged fever

Having a prolonged fever doesn't necessarily mean that a person is Hiv positive. However, studies have shown that persistent fever is one of the most neglected symptoms of the virus. If your fever persists for several months even while receiving treatment, you should definitely go for a test. 

2. Rapid weight loss 

Not all weight loss happens as a result of stress, heartbreak, or depression. Some people drastically lose weight when they are Hiv positive. If you notice a serious lack of appetite that is not a result of any of the above-mentioned reasons, pls visit a doctor.

3. Skin irritation 

When you notice rashes, boils and other types of skin irritations in sensitive parts of your body, like the private part, cheeks and neck, you might want to see a doctor and have it checked out. Especially if you have been on medication for a long time and the irritations seem to be going nowhere. 

4. Persistent headaches 

People often attribute headaches to stress but some headaches can be an indication of a bigger problem. Especially if it persists for more than several months. 

5. Nonstop coughing /respiratory infection

Respiratory tract infection is a clear indicator of viral infection. If you start having whooping cough or difficulty breathing. Pls, resist the urge to self-medicate and make an appointment with your doctor. 


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I am not in any way saying that if you have any of the above-mentioned symptoms, you automatically have the Hiv/Aids virus. All the above-mentioned symptoms can be linked to a number of illnesses and Hiv is one such illness. This is why I advise that you see a doctor if any of the symptoms persist for more than a month.

Content created and supplied by: DrGeraldine (via Opera News )

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