5 Questions To Ask Yourself Before You Go Into A Relationship

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We have expectations for everything we do in life. Every step we take, whatever we do, there is an expected end in view. The same can be said of a relationship. When one goes into a relationship, he or she has desires and expectations in mind and there is always a picture of how he or she wants the relationship to be. But, over time, people go into a relationship without making any adequate preparations and this always leads to breakups and painful ends. Before going into a relationship, sit down and ask yourself some pertinent questions in other to avoid regrets. 

1. Am I Ready To Be Committed To This Person? This question is very important because a relationship demands a lot of commitments from both partners. Are you ready to be committed to the same person for as long as the relationship will last? Until you find the answer to this question, you are not ready. The relationship is not a trying and error adventure. So, be sure


2. How Much Sacrifices Can I Make To Keep This Relationship? Have you been told that there are so many sacrifices to be made in a relationship? Do you know that selfishness does not sustain a relationship? How many sacrifices can you make for the sake of that relationship? Wait until you answer this question before thinking about a relationship. 

3. How Much Control Do I Have Over My Emotions? There is no gainsaying that so much emotion goes into a relationship. So much emotion is involved when two people are together, the question, however, is whether you can put your emotions under check. Don't be in a hurry to answer this question. 


4. How Mature Am I In All Areas? It is no news that maturity has nothing to do with how old one is, it has to do with the advancement and development of the mind. If you are not sure that you matured enough in all ramifications, including age-wise, don't venture into any relationship. Give yourself time.

5. Am I Teachable? One of the easiest ways to know a proud person is to watch their ability to learn. Some people feel they are too big to learn. Pride destroys relationships. That is why you must answer this question of how teachable you are. Can you take to instructions or will you think you know all? 

Be sure that you are ready before making any attempt to go into relationship by answering the questions above. Don't rush in so you don't rush out. 

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ADS: You Will Be Credited With 10 Million (Tap Here Now!) and don't forget to share this article..


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