5 Reasons Why Your Man Is Cheating On You And Ways To Resolve It



Ladies often go through a lot of heart breaks in their life, and this leads them to depression, sadness and even more harm(committing suicide).

Today we are going to list a few things that usually lead to men cheating on their women,so we can do our possible best to avoid it..

5 Reasons Why your Man is cheating on You

1. Little or No Sex : I know so many of us will scream at this,but truth be told this is a major factor that contributes to your Man cheating on You(sex creates physical bonding beyond words )….Give him sex please, it's part of the relationship or rather call him your casual friend or bestie..Lol

2.Lack of commitment/Time : When you hardly have time for each other, probably as a result of work or anything else, you will create a form of distance from your Man,and men always need to be connected to their woman.When this connection is lost,room will be created for cheating…

3.Body Aging : This one has to do with women growing old physical (or in fashion),I understand the man is supposed to be growing old too but men tend to want fresher/younger women(it's a mental thing),So in other to handle this women should always remain fashionable(just like they were before the man walked up to them) in other to retain their man.

4.Revenge/Payback : Men can also cheat when they want to Payback their partner for cheating on him…

5.Lack of Appreciation : When you fail to appreciate your Man you'll give room for that lady outside to get to your man's heart.Which will lead to cheating in the future… Avoid this by constantly appreciating your Man,tell him how awesome he is, appreciate his looks(this goes both side)…

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