5 Signs A Lady Is Beginning To Like You


Most men are not aware of the signs women give when they like a guy and this makes them end up losing their chance with a woman that is already giving them greenlight. 


Once a woman starts liking you, she will try as much as possible to get your attention and make you notice her. This is when you suddenly notice a little change in her behaviors and attitude towards you. If she is the type that avoids you, she will start getting close to you and giving you her attention. Before you know it, she will always want you to be together. 

In this article, I will be showing you 5 signs a lady will show when she's beginning to like you. 

1. She will always be around you.

Once a lady begins to like you, she will always be around you. This is because she likes your company and wishes to spend more time with you. Unlike a lady that doesn't like you, she would rarely be around you.

As a man, if a lady keeps coming to you and always asking you to go out with her or spend the weekend with her, you should know that she's beginning to like you. This is one of the signs you will notice in a lady that is beginning to like you.

2. She makes efforts to keep a conversation going.

When a lady is beginning to like you, she will make efforts to keep a conversation going when you are together or over texts. She won’t send one-word texts or simply nod her head while you speak, instead, she will make efforts to contribute and keep the conversation going. 

3. She compliments you and lights up your mood.

When a lady always compliments you and does things that will put a smile on your face, it is a clear sign she's beginning to like you. If she is always there to light up your mood and crack you up, it is obvious that she likes you. 

4. She makes time for you.

Despite her busy schedule, if she makes time for you, you should know that she's beginning to like you. When a lady likes you, no matter what, she won't avoid you or make any excuses. Whether it is in person, call or text, she will make time for you. 

5. She opens up to you.

When a girl likes you, she will be comfortable around you and see you as someone she can trust by telling you things people rarely know about her. As a man, if a lady is showing this sign, she's beginning to like you. 

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