5 Signs She Wants You To Be More Than Just A Friend


Do you have a female friend with whom you can be yourself and worry about absolutely nothing? Is she the one you run to whenever you need a sympathetic ear or perhaps a good advice? But, you've noticed some change in the way she relates with you of late. Are you confused and unable to spot out if your friendship with her is taking another turn? I know how tricky that situation can be. However, knowing exactly how she feels is really essential for you to determine your future course of action.


1. Does She Imitate Your Body Postures

People's body language can tell you a whole lot about exactly how she feels about you. When a girl she likes you, she could start imitating your body language. Pay attention if she imitates your postures or gestures. Observe if she sometimes unconsciously imitate the way you carry yourself. Those are indications of her attraction for you.

2. She's always smiling more when you come around

If she 'like likes' you, then you'll notice that being with you makes her happy and more lively, and it's quite evident on her face. There'll always be an obvious wide grin whenever she sees you. Even if she's always smiling at others as well, you'll notice a difference in the way she smiles at you. These are all indicator that she has feelings for you.

3. She want your attention more than before

Is it always mostly her name on the screen whenever your phone rings for a phone call or text message? She has formed a habit of calling you even at odd hours. You find yourself always waking up to her messages every morning, and before you sleep her messages is always the last thing you see. She happen to always worry about your well-being, checking on you often to see if you have eaten or goten home. If she does all this, know that she likes you and definitely wants you for herself. 


4. Making you jealous

Does she often ask you for dating advice and then tease you a little by asking what you thing about another guy? She's found of praising other guys in in your presence. This is actually a reverse psychology technique that she uses know exactly how you feel about for her. Making you jealous is a less risky way of getting you to open up. So, if perhaps you happen to have feelings for her as well, it would be a good time to open up

5. She Treats You With Special Attention

Stop for a moment and notice how she behaves around other guys and around you, then compare. It's a good way to know just how special she thinks you really are. Does she often patronize you over everyone other guy? How close does she sit to you? This are obvious signs that she actually sees you as more than a friend.

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