5 Things A Woman Will Never Do If She Truly Loves You



When a woman loves, she loves for real and that’s what will shine through in all she does and in her relationship with you.

When you're happily in love, it's so easy to miss the signs that your partner isn't exactly on the same page. 

In this article, we will take a look at 4 things a woman will never do if she truly loves you. As a man, if your woman is doing these things, just know her love for you is not sincere. 

1. Disrespect you:

When a woman loves you for real, you won't have to remind her to be submissive. Because she loves you, submissiveness will naturally come. If you always have to demand respect from your woman, you need to think twice about it.

A woman who loves you will hardly ever take you and all you do for granted.

2. Badmouth you to friends and close relatives:

If she loves you, your image and the perception her closest circle has of you will be key to her. She won’t want her friends or even family thinking bad of you. You may do something that frustrates your partner, but that is no excuse for them to be putting you down in front of other people. She’ll downplay your weaknesses, and cover your errors.

3. She compares you to other people:

A lady who truly loves you won't compare you to anyone else. Being constantly compared to an ex can create a lot of unnecessary stress and anxiety.

When she is genuinely in love, she won’t be thinking about how you measure up against other people.

4. Asking you to buy expensive gifts:

She wants someone who loves her and treats her like a precious treasure, not an ATM. Constantly getting Tiffany necklaces, Gucci bags and Victoria Secret’s perfume is not what she wants. Women can be superficial and materialistic. So hold on to her when she asks for your time more asking for presents and treats.

5. She will never cheat on you:

A woman that truly loves you will never for once cheat on you. That is the last thing she will ever do to you. She will never want to break your heart or do things you won't approve of.

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