5 Things To Do If Your Woman Always Asks You for Money


e905e1468cc5471aa4efb30cecfe8421?quality=uhq&resize=720Money is generally a valuable asset, it's an important requirement for every relationship you might want to be in, irrespective of the person you're going into the relationship with. As a man, if your woman always asks you for money, she doesn't spend anything on her own, she's financially incapable to meet any of her own needs, then you should know that there's a problem, and you need to fix that problem.

For there to be mutual respect in a relationship, there must be mutual responsibilities, there must be a certain amount of money that your woman is also spending on the relationship. If you're the only one meeting all the financial needs of the relationship, you're the one paying all the bills, the relationship might not last, and might not be able to enjoy your relationship as you should, because you'll have a lot of bottled-up resentments towards your woman. So, you need to know how to manage this brewing conflict.

In this article, I will be showing you five things to do if your woman always asks you for money.

1. Get her a job

The easiest way to solve this problem is to get her a job. When your woman has a job, where she earns her salary, she won't have any reason to keep asking you for money every time. There would be some needs that she'll be able to meet, with the money she's earning. This will save you a lot of stress and would get your relationship back on track.

2. Invest in her business

This is another thing you can do if your woman always asks you for money, you should invest in her business. This is very important, especially if you're unable to secure employment for her. It's better to set up a business for her and invest in it. This will make her independent, both financially, and job-wise

3. Plan out your finances

If your woman always asks you for money, then you need to plan out the finances of the relationship, and you share the bills between both of you. Maybe the reason she hasn't been paying some of the bills is because you haven't made it her responsibility, and that's why you need to plan out your finances.

4. Stop giving her money every time

When you're teaching her how to be responsible for some of the finances of the house, you need to ensure that you don't give her money all of the time. When she asks you for money, and you don't give her every time, she'll get the message you're passing across to her, that she needs to make some money, herself.

5. Make more money

You shouldn't be complaining about your woman asking you for money every time, what you should be worried about, is how you can increase your income so that you won't keep complaining about your woman. When you make more money, you won't be bothered that your woman is asking you for money every time.

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