5 Things You Should Never Drink Immediately After Brushing Your Teeth.



We all know that brushing of teeth is a very important aspect of life. It is always great to give your teeth a good scrub everyday. It helps to improve your tooth and dentition health. However, there are some things a person should avoid doing after brushing their teeth. And that includes drinking some certain things which could cause acidic reaction and toxins in mouth. In this article, I'll be telling you guys about 5 things you should never drink immediately after brushing your teeth. See them below;


1. Orange juice. 

Orange juice is very popular and loved by lots of individuals. It is very nutritious and contains a lot of vitamins, especially vitamin C and K. However, it is very dangerous to drink orange juice immediately after brushing your teeth with a brush and toothpaste. That is because orange juice is full of sugar and can turn acidic if taken immediately after brushing. 


2. Alcohol. 

Alcohol can be very acidic and dangerous to health. And above all it can be poisonous to the body, especially when it is drank immediately after brushing teeth. 


3. Soft drinks. 

Soft drinks are one of the most popular type of drinks in the world. A lot people drink them excessively on a daily basis. But no one should make the mistake of drinking a bottle of soda or soft drink after brushing. 


4. Tea.

Tea is a kind of drink that a lot of people drink on a regular basis. And most people make the mistake of drinking it immediately after brushing their teeth in the morning and it could increase the risk of tooth decay.


5. Water.

It is very normal to rinse your teeth and mouth with water while brushing. And the water is eventually spat out of the mouth when the brushing is over. However, it isn't healthy to drink or swallow a cup of water just after brushing your teeth. It is very advisable to drink water after about half and hour.


Final words.

Poisoning is a very serious issue that no one should take for granted. Poisoning can also be self-inflicted by the kind of things individuals eat or drink at a particular time. So always be careful of how often you drink anything after brushing. Toothpaste contains a lot of chemicals that helps to cleanse tbe teeth. And it could become poisonous if paired with certain things.


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