5 Tips on How To Overcome Stage Fright



Stage Fright Can be Described as The fear of public speaking or performance, it exacts a huge toll on self-confidence and self-esteem and causes some people to leave school or a job or pass up a promotion. Many, including seasoned professional performers, suffer in silent terror.

Stage fright is nothing to be worked up about, it's part of the human nature to be scared of some certain things. Even some popular Entertainers ones encountered stage fright in the early beginning of there careers, but as they kept practicing they overcame it.

"Dont look down on your self because of what you are experiencing, take this tips I have listed below and practice them.

1. Practice before the day.

its very important that you practice before the day of your big speech or performance, to avoid any confusion and end up being criticized by the crowd. "You don't wanna end up a laughing stock".

2. Relax your mind.

When you are about to perform in front of a big crowd, don't think about anything except what you are about to do. Because if you load your brain with thoughts the whole thing would become more complicated for you.

3. Avoid Eye Contact with the crowd.

That's why it's important you wear glasses on your first stage performance.

"Trust me you don't wanna go that path".

4. Take a deep breath

before going out to perform , it's advicable to get started with a worm deep breath to boost your confidence.

5. Improve your dressing.

If you have a very bad fashion sense, you need to try your best and improve it to avoid further criticism.

"Remember every one's eyes in on your appearance so you don't wanna be a rag tag in front of the public".


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