6 Body Parts That You Might Be Washing Incorrectly


On our skin, there are around 1.5 trillion germs. However, not all of them are hazardous to our health; in fact, some are required. That's why certain of our bodily parts don't need to be washed with soap.

I recognize the significance of providing specific parts of our body the care they require. That is why I have gathered some tips on how to handle them appropriately.

1. Feet


Feet should be washed with soap. Many of us ignore this area, figuring that the soap and water we use to wash our bodies would clean it. However, the fungus that causes athlete's foot is common in these areas, especially if you wear sandals or flip-flops. That's why, on a regular basis, you should not only wash but also scrape your feet with a pumice stone.



The gap between your toes must be properly cleansed regardless of the sort of shoes or socks you wear.

To prevent germs and bacteria from spreading, wash your toes with water and soap and then gently dry them with a clean towel.

The back of your neck is number two.

If you have curly or long hair, this area of your neck might get hot and humid. Body bacteria and mites may find these conditions to be highly enticing. Using an exfoliating bath sponge and a damp washcloth with soap to wash the back of your neck on a daily basis will assist to prevent bacteria from spreading.

2. The back of your neck


If you have curly or long hair, this area of your neck might get hot and humid. Body bacteria and mites may find these conditions to be highly enticing. Bacteria can be prevented by washing the back of your neck with an exfoliating bath sponge and a damp washcloth soaked in soap on a daily basis.

3. The eyes


Washing your eyes with soap is not a good idea since it might hurt your sclera and cornea. However, lacrimal glands (tear-producing glands) are found in the eyeballs and are responsible for cleaning and protecting them from dust and other pollutants. Cleaning the lashes and eyelids with unscented infant shampoo is a safe option. Combine half a teaspoon of shampoo and a soft washcloth in a cup of warm water. Before rinsing your eyes with water, gently clean them with the washcloth (front and back).

4. Your groin


According to a dermatologist, the groin must be washed properly every day. Bacteria can be found in the folds and wrinkles in this area of your body. The crotch is one of your body's most delicate areas, and cleaning it with gentle soap and a washcloth is the best method.

5. The space between the tips of the fingers and the tips of the toes


Different germs can grow under your nails, and simply washing your hands will not be enough to remove them all. By immersing a cotton swab in soapy, warm water and stroking it under your nails, bacteria and grime that aren't visible to the human eye can be removed.

6. The legs and arms


Unless your legs and arms are dirty, you don't need to cleanse them entirely every day. Because the skin on these parts of the body does not produce much oil, cleaning them with water and soap every day would render them dull and lifeless.

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